What Is Church?

The Church is an assembly or gathering of people!

It is not a building (Although we have one). The building is where the people (the Church) meet together.

Garthdee Church is a group of people who come together in order to collectively meet and pray, sing songs, dramatise and listen to stories from the Bible, listen to a message for today’s world. All of which brings about a sense of belonging. The best way to find out who we are is to come along and see for yourself.

When you arrive, you will be met by members of our welcome team. The team is made up of folk who will give you an “order of service” which is a leaflet setting out the structure of the service. The team members can also help you find a seat in the main sanctuary and introduce you to someone so that you are not sitting alone. Our hope is that you are able to enjoy being relaxed and find peace.

The Church Service

Organists accompany the singing which includes a range of styles, both traditional and contemporary songs.

Whoever is leading the service will give a short talk based on a story from the Bible which helps us understand its meaning and how it relates to 21st-century life.

Refreshments are served at the end of each service.  This is an opportunity to make new friends and catch up on the news.

Our Minister usually stands at the front entrance to the church building after the service.   Please introduce yourself as a visitor.

I Have a Disability

Our front entrance is completely accessible. We have an accessible toilet.

If you wear a hearing aid please adjust it to the appropriate setting to benefit from the hearing system.  Usually, this would be the “T” setting.

If you have sight impairment we have a number of large print hymn books.

What About Money?

An offering is uplifted during the Service. This is done by passing a plate along the rows. However, please do not feel under any pressure to contribute at any time. If you decide to come along on a regular basis and you make a decision to contribute by giving money then do so.

Alternatively, if you feel you want to contribute some time to the work of the Church then please speak to our minister or one of the elders.


Make yourself known to us. As you get to know us you will hear stories from other folks just like you.